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Comments from some of my amazing clients

ceserean birth meeting baby for the first time hospital christchurch birth photography

Rebecca is truly amazing!
I wish I had a birth photographer for my previous children as I will treasure Rebecca's photos forever.
It is amazing to have the photos to look back on to remember in detail all the things you may forget, and to see the love surrounding meeting your little person for the first time.
Rebecca is an absolute professional. - Hayley Groves

Christchurch Portrait Photographer newborn lifestyle photo at home christchurch birth photographer

Highly recommend. We did a shoot with our baby. Beautiful quality photo's that really show baby's character. Rebecca is very professional and friendly and great with the baby! - Charlotte De Lege

praying during labour birth photography christchurch

Rebecca was part of the most beautiful moment of my families story and I couldn’t have chosen a better person.

She’s a very sensitive photographer, and made me feel really comfortable.

Her pictures were breathtaking. Can’t recommend enough. - Lais Passos

Rebecca is an amazing photographer! She took photos of us with our newborn baby and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Rebecca perfectly captured our wee boy and our family while in a relaxed setting at home. We love every photo, thank you! - Sam & Rebecca Kettle

“We welcomed Rebecca to join us and help us capture our journey for Owens Birth. Our families are back in the UK and with the current situation we wanted a way they could see and share in our experience.

Rebecca helped us do this, we had photos for the pregnancy, birth, and new-born.

Rebecca was extremely easy to feel relaxed around and the pictures felt very natural.

At the birth it was hard to notice she was even in the room but captured every bit of emotion that we felt and every expression that came across our face.

It is easy after the birth to forget the small details of how it happened or what you felt at the time but been able to look back makes you remember how special those moment are.”

Becci & Adam Harrison

maternity family portrait sunset portrait photographer christchurch
lifestyle newborn photo of family portrait photographer christchurch

Rebecca is so talented! We used Rebecca for a fresh 48 session in our home after our second baby was born. I had conversed with Rebecca throughout my entire pregnancy as originally birth photography was on the cards. She was very adaptable to our wishes and I couldn’t be more happy with the images we received! It is the best value for money and we always go through and look at the beautiful photos she captured of our family. Thank you so much Rebecca. We will definitely be using you for any future photography shoots. ❤️ - Sam Carswell

Having Rebecca there was an opportunity for us to relive and experience all the beauty and

challenges we faced together as a team during the birth of our first child.

It was amazing to have everything captured - the support you provide each other,

the strength and resilience of the mother, the relief when the baby is delivered,

the love and joy when you first meet your baby, the celebration from new grandparents,

the nervousness of those waiting and so much more.

You also don't want to spend the entire time on your phone trying to take photos as you want to be 100% present with the mother.

Rebecca was a huge support if you need it.

For the most part she is a silent observer but every now and then it is incredibly reassuring to be told you're doing a good job,

to be offered a cold towel or glass of water, or in our situation when I needed to choose

between staying with my wife in surgery or going up to NICU with my newborn son it was

very comforting to have someone with me during this challenging period of uncertainty, worry and joy."

Christina & Mike Gourlay

mother holding daughters hand during labour birth photographer christchurch

We loved having Rebecca do a newborn shoot for our family. She was super easy to communicate with, delivered beautiful photographs and prints as expected she was lovely to have in our home. We will treasure these photographs for years. Thanks Rebecca! - Catherine Jack