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How Soon should I book in?

As soon as you can! With Births, I only take on two births per month. Booking in early can also give you plenty of time to pay it off if you don't want to pay in a lump sum closer to your due date. With Portrait sessions, these can be a bit more flexible, I do limit the number of sessions I do per month to work around being on call, and family life, but enquire as soon as you think about it so we can find a time and date that works for all. If you are interested in a Maternity shoot, I generally suggest around 34-36 gestation.

How Long does a portrait Session take?


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I don't set a specific time frame on how long sessions are, as all babies and families are unique. But to give you an idea, you can expect a session to take anywhere between 45mins to 1.5 hours. It gives us plenty of time for any necessary outfit changes, feeding, nappy changes etc.

With Birth, do you photograph everything?!

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I shoot in a discreet, documentary style. Think of me like a fly on the wall! I will only shoot what you are comfortable with me shooting, and this is something we can talk about when we meet before your birth. Birth is an intimate experience, and a lot of people are nervous about what might happen. Should you poo (that's a good thing!) staff generally clear it pretty fast, but it can easily be photoshopped out too. Your gallery is also your gallery, so images can stay private if you wish.

Kind Words

Rebecca is truly amazing!
I wish I had a birth photographer for my previous children as I will treasure Rebecca's photos forever.
It is amazing to have the photos to look back on to remember in detail all the things you may forget, and to see the love surrounding meeting your little person for the first time.
Rebecca is an absolute professional.

“We welcomed Rebecca to join us and help us capture our journey for Owens Birth. Our families are back in the UK and with the current situation we wanted a way they could see and share in our experience.

Rebecca helped us do this, we had photos for the pregnancy, birth, and new-born.

Rebecca was extremely easy to feel relaxed around and the pictures felt very natural.

At the birth it was hard to notice she was even in the room but captured every bit of emotion that we felt and every expression that came across our face.

It is easy after the birth to forget the small details of how it happened or what you felt at the time but been able to look back makes you remember how special those moment are.”

Hayley Groves

Rebecca was part of the most beautiful moment of my families story and I couldn’t have chosen a better person.

She’s a very sensitive photographer, and made me feel really comfortable.

Her pictures were breathtaking. Can’t recommend enough.

Becci & Adam Harrison

Lais Passo