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Birth Photography


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Birth & Family Photographer

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I'm Rebecca

I’m a mum, I’ve gone through this journey. Birth is something I am passionate about, something that I have experienced for myself, and will experience again in the near future. It is a journey which deserves to be celebrated, a journey to capture.

Every family I meet is so special to me, and it makes me so happy knowing that families will have their homes filled with beautiful memories of them and their children. It’s so easy to capture your own children, but we so easily forget to be in the images ourselves, we should do it for our children to be present in images too.

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Magic moments, yours to keep forever

There’s beauty in so many moments in life.

Birth photography is not just about beautiful photos. It’s about real moments documented forever.  Beautiful because they are real.

It’s about the amazing transformational journey of motherhood that you are on. A journey that you deserve to come away from with a positive mindset not only towards your birth, but yourself, your body, and your relationships. Birth is a journey filled with so many emotions.

Strength, power, love, tears, support, determination. Women deserve to feel empowered and strengthened with what we achieve through pregnancy and birth.


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Kind Words

Rebecca is truly amazing!
I wish I had a birth photographer for my previous children as I will treasure Rebecca's photos forever.
It is amazing to have the photos to look back on to remember in detail all the things you may forget, and to see the love surrounding meeting your little person for the first time.
Rebecca is an absolute professional.

“We welcomed Rebecca to join us and help us capture our journey for Owens Birth. Our families are back in the UK and with the current situation we wanted a way they could see and share in our experience.

Rebecca helped us do this, we had photos for the pregnancy, birth, and new-born.

Rebecca was extremely easy to feel relaxed around and the pictures felt very natural.

At the birth it was hard to notice she was even in the room but captured every bit of emotion that we felt and every expression that came across our face.

It is easy after the birth to forget the small details of how it happened or what you felt at the time but been able to look back makes you remember how special those moment are.”

Hayley Groves

Rebecca was part of the most beautiful moment of my families story and I couldn’t have chosen a better person.

She’s a very sensitive photographer, and made me feel really comfortable.

Her pictures were breathtaking. Can’t recommend enough.

Becci & Adam Harrison

Lais Passo