Documenting the most special and life changing moments for all families

Hello! I’m Rebecca

I seek connection, the relationships, the emotion, the real you & real me.

Hello! I’m Rebecca, Wife, mum, family storyteller.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved capturing the world. Climbing hills, chasing sunsets, capturing my growing family (humans and fur babies!). Finding the beauty in the little things, the everyday moments, those fleeting moments that would otherwise go unnoticed.

My style is real, authentic and emotive. It’s about genuine connections, telling your story. Finding the hidden gems that make you and your family unique. The first smiles, tiny toes which grow into belly laughs, tickles, and toothless smiles. Imperfectly perfect family moments. Documenting your family stories and adventures truly makes my heart sing.

What’s even more special about what I do is having the opportunity to follow family’s journeys through life, capturing the growing bumps of pregnancy, birth, through to beautiful newborn or family sessions as your families grow.

When I was pregnant with Lucas, I noticed people are very quick to share their negative experiences about birth. This doesn’t help people at all, as they will go into their own experience expecting it to be like that, as that’s all they hear. I know how important it is to spread positivity around this once in a lifetime experience. The mind has such a powerful impact during labour, and I want everyone to know that birth is beautiful. Birth doesn’t have to be feared, it can be embraced, and can be a positive and empowering and experience.

Becoming a mother is what drew me to this type of photography. Birth is something I have experienced for myself before, and will experience again in the near future, I am so passionate about it, and it is a journey which deserves to be celebrated, a journey to capture. I love being welcomed into women’s birthing spaces, documenting this most beautiful journey. It’s always such a privilege and isn’t just about being a photographer for me, but being another person to support you and cheer you on, or lend a helping hand. A hand to squeeze, someone to cool/heat towels, and also provide support to your partner if they feel they need it.

Every birth is different, even between siblings, no birth is the same. Those special first moments where you meet that precious bundle that you’ve been carrying for 9 months. Tears, love, connection, all the support and care surrounding you as you welcome your baby earth side. It’s not about how you get there, but that you end up with your new bundle safely in your arms.  Most important it really is such an honour and privilege to be welcomed into in your birth space. Every birth my eyes well with tears the moment you meet your baby, I feel so lucky to be able to call this my job.

Every family I meet is so special to me, and it makes me so happy knowing that families will have their homes filled with beautiful memories of them and their children. It’s so easy to capture your own children, but we so easily forget to be in the images ourselves, we should do it for our children to be present in images too.

Whether you are after digitals, prints, canvases or even albums I’d love to be able to capture your family, letting your families personalities and connection with each other shine through in beautiful timeless images.

Have questions or want to know more about the different types of sessions available? Please connect with me below 🙂

What does being a certified birth photographer mean?

  • Understand the process of both unmedicated and medicated births
  • Work collaboratively and professionally with your chosen birth team
  • Maintain, acquire, and develop the skills and equipment necessary to document births in a variety of settings
  • Develop and support the local and International birth photography community
  • Recognize that each family has a right to share or keep private any images taken during their birth
  • Carry appropriate business skills and insurance, and use contracts and other professional practices when working with clients
  • Thoroughly understand and respect safety guidelines and procedures in hospitals, operating rooms, birth centers, and home births
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    Kind Words

    Rebecca is truly amazing!
    I wish I had a birth photographer for my previous children as I will treasure Rebecca's photos forever.
    It is amazing to have the photos to look back on to remember in detail all the things you may forget, and to see the love surrounding meeting your little person for the first time.
    Rebecca is an absolute professional.

    “We welcomed Rebecca to join us and help us capture our journey for Owens Birth. Our families are back in the UK and with the current situation we wanted a way they could see and share in our experience.

    Rebecca helped us do this, we had photos for the pregnancy, birth, and new-born.

    Rebecca was extremely easy to feel relaxed around and the pictures felt very natural.

    At the birth it was hard to notice she was even in the room but captured every bit of emotion that we felt and every expression that came across our face.

    It is easy after the birth to forget the small details of how it happened or what you felt at the time but been able to look back makes you remember how special those moment are.”

    Hayley Groves

    Rebecca was part of the most beautiful moment of my families story and I couldn’t have chosen a better person.

    She’s a very sensitive photographer, and made me feel really comfortable.

    Her pictures were breathtaking. Can’t recommend enough.

    Becci & Adam Harrison

    Lais Passo